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UV in the treatment of skin disorders.

UVB radiation helps to promote the synthesis in the skin of vitamin D.

In controlled conditions, ultraviolet radiation, sometimes used in combination with a systemically or topically administered photosensitiser is one of the methods available for treatment of psoriasis, eczema, Bilirubin anaemia (found in new born babies) and some cancers.

Within the hospital sectors, cubicles are used where the patient will stand, surrounded by fluorescent tubes, these can be a mixture of UVA & UVB. Until now bulb life has been monitored and changed at the appropriate time, additionally a radiometer may have been used to check the output of the tubes to ensure the patient receives the correct dose.

Accurate dosimetry plays a critical role in clinical Phototherapy, Photochemotherapy and photodynamic therapy. This is used to determine the duration of ultraviolet exposure necessary to achieve the effective treatment and to avoid burning from over treatment as well as ineffective under treatment.

The challenge comes from the positioning of the measurement sensor. With conventional Radiometry the technician or medical physicist would dress in a white suit with hood and gloves and attach the sensor to his/her clothing the measurements would then be taken at different positions and the results would be passed to a colleague outside the cabinet, usually by shouting, a note would be made manually for comparison.

Now using Solatell technology measurements can be taken remotely (from outside the cabinet) and stored in the Solascope, the sensor can be positioned inside the cabinet using a camera tripod or similar.  Using the camera mount threads on the base of the sensor, this allows just 1 person to safely conduct the measurements from outside the cabinet

The sensor can be set to look specifically at the wavelengths in question, normally UVA, UVB, and UVV. And the integrated values stored for analysis.

The main benefits are:

The Sola-Sure System is not lamp specific calibration dependent. They can be applied to any light source, even when little is known of its spectral Output.

It provides a full lamp scan - monitoring the Spectral output of a source as well as its amplitude at individual Wavelengths.

Solatell Spectroradiometers work on a "hard filtering" basis. By being able to split UV light into a spectrum, only the exact parts of interest can be taken into consideration. By summing the irradiance over just a certain Wavelength range from the resultant spectral scans, a truly "hard" filter characteristic is obtained.  Again, this is vital in providing an accurate Measurement and is the difference between an "absolute" and a "classical" (radiometer) Measurement

Sola-Sure's software/data storage ability enables, chronological assessments of lamp deterioration to be stored and recalled, this is essential in controlling the effectiveness of treatment and can also be applied to lamp supplier quality control. 

Sola-Manager has high capacity data storage for your data analysis and auto download to excel provides simple control of Data.

See our Sola-Sure System products page for further information.



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